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Migrating your current cPanel account to our hosting

  1. Login to your old webhosting. If it is a cPanel hosted site you are in luck.
  2. Go to the backup wizard on your old cPanel account.
  3. Next you will hit "Back Up"
  4. Now you will select "Full Backup"
  5. You can put your backup in your home directory and hit "Generate Backup"
  6. Once that file is done being made it should be called "backup-x.xx.2022_xx-xx-xx_yourhostingname.tar.gz"
  7. Go ahead and go back to your main cPanel and go to "File Manager"
  8. Locate that file and click download
  9. You can now upload that file to dropbox or if it is under 512 MB you can upload it when you migrate your website and we can take care of it for you.
  10. If you want to do a self restore instead of doing a full backup you need to do a partial backup of each your home directory, MySQL Databases and Email Forwarders & Filters.
  11. You can then restore all those files individually on your new webhosting. You will want to make sure your new webhosting name is the exact same as before otherwise you will need to change your MySQL databases and the usernames associated with them. You are typically better off just submitting the full backup as a support ticket and letting us deal with it.
  12. That's it. If you have any questions just submit a support ticket.

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