Why Choose 330Hosting?

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Why choose 330hosting for Computer Management?

  • We are located in Canton, Ohio.
  • We are dedicated to making sure your business stays running and is successful.
  • We want to be your company for everything related to your business online.
  • We will do everything we can to make sure your business is safe and secure online.
  • We have your best interest in mind with all of our services.
  • Our computer management is based on making sure your computer is backed up to a secure cloud server so ransomware is no longer an issue.
  • The antivirus we provide is designed to prevent the need to ever have to use your backup outside of accidental file deletion.
  • Our webhosting is extremely fast and your website will be backed up every day without intervention.
  • Our management plans include monitoring, management, antivirus, backup and access to discounted hourly rates.

Why choose our $60 per workstation program?

Some companies will neglect your infrastructure in order to charge you more whenever your network breaks. Our business model is to keep your computer working, secure, updated and backed up in case disaster strikes. The typical cost for disaster recovery is $125 an hour. Our service will drastically lower your cost if you were to suffer a ransomware attack, hardware failure or natural disaster. The typical time to fully recover your system goes down by 10x by using our cloud backup software, typically only a few hours of downtime rather than days. The typical cost including downtime for a business without a good disaster recovery plan is $10,000 in lost revenue depending on how long it is to recover your business. If you have no backups, your downtime drastically goes up. 75% of businesses never come back from a ransomware attack due to not having proper backups. The average downtime for ransomware is 22 days.

Why host your website with 330hosting?

  • We use reliable cloud hosting that has 99% uptime.
  • Name brand hosting websites like GoDaddy, HostGator and Namecheap have old slow hosting that will slow your business down. These companies still work by selling you an ssl certificate which can cost you up to $120 a year. This alone makes our webhosting worth it. Our webhosting is fast and speaks for itself with the reliabilty to run your online business. Here is a link to our current uptime.
  • Our premium is always hosted on cPanel as that is what most people are used to using to host their current websites.
  • With our premium hosting you get daily offsite backups with JetBackup, which means your website is going to be safe in the case of a server failure or website malfunction.
  • We offer free hosting setup and migration and will walk you through every step of the way.
  • All of our hosting services come with a custom email account to make your business look more professional with a "you@yourdomain.com" email to put on your business card and website.

Premium Support

  • We have a fully working ticketing system that will get you a response to your issues quickly.
  • We also have an actual phone number you can call to get an actual person that can help you with whatever you need.

Still not Convinced?

We are willing to give you a free trial for 1 month for any of our $10 a month or lower plans. Just use code "tryhosting" at checkout. We are never going to give you up or let you down.